General Terms & Conditions

  1. PepperBets operates the domain PepperBets may make use of other top-level domains, for example to provide access to its services from specific countries.
  2. Only PepperBets and the betting customer are parties to each betting contract.
  3. In order to place a bet with PepperBets the customer must state their agreement with these general terms and conditions of business.
  4. PepperBets reserves the right to make amendments to these general terms and conditions of business at any time. The customer is responsible for keeping up to date with the currently valid provisions.
  5. It may be the case that some or all inhabitants of certain countries or regions or individuals residing in these countries or regions are prohibited from accessing the website. PepperBets does not intend for the website to be used by individuals for the purpose of betting or any other purposes in countries or regions where such activities are illegal. The website shall not be understood as an offer, advertisement or invitation from PepperBets to use or subscribe to bets or other services in those jurisdictions where such activities are against the law.
  6. The customer is responsible for informing himself about the relevant laws of the country or region where he resides.
  7. The customer shall ensure that he behaves lawfully when using the website as an individual customer and/or when betting on the website in the jurisdiction of his residence. PepperBets may not be held liable in any jurisdiction in the event of the customer infringing local laws.
  8. Bets on behalf or on account of bookmakers or betting brokers and their employees are not accepted. Bets on results of events where the customer is involved in the sporting event (e.g. as a participating athlete, owner, trainer or official of a club involved) are not permitted. PepperBets reserves the right to subsequently cancel these bets even after the event bet on.
  9. PepperBets is free to without giving a reason:
    - Refuse applications to open an account;
    - Refuse individual bets;
    - Limit the amount of the stake on individual bets;
    - Limit an individual customer's stake.
  10. PepperBets reserves the right to close an existing account without stating why. In this event the customer will be sent a message regarding the remaining account balance. In the event of fraud or attempted fraud, in particular when placing a bet, the betting customer will be excluded with immediate effect.
  11. PepperBets accepts no liability for errors in the transfer of betting data and results. PepperBets uses the services of third parties for its own services who have also contractually excluded PepperBets from any liability. As a result there is under no circumstances any entitlement to compensation due to erroneous, delayed, manipulated or improper on-line data transfer or any other errors in transmission of data and results.
  12. The betting customer is not permitted to assign or pledge - with or without payment - claims he has against PepperBets.
  13. PepperBets accepts no liability whatsoever for the improper use of a betting account where the user name and password have been entered by unauthorised individuals. The betting customer himself is responsible for keeping his user name and password secret. All account movements, deposits and withdrawals are recorded indicating both items of data on behalf of the betting customer.
  14. For reasons of security a password must consist of at least 8 characters. Upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols, but no umlauts, are allowed. It must not contain any resemblance to other data provided such as forename or town.
  15. PepperBets recommends that its customers print these general terms and conditions and all future transaction data in order to avoid misunderstandings and disputes at a later point in time.
  16. PepperBets uses Google Analytics, an on-line analysis service from Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses so called "cookies", data files stored on the customer's computer that allow the customer's use of the website to be analysed. Information created by the cookie regarding use of the website (including the IP address) is sent to a Google server in the USA and stored there. Google will use this information in order to evaluate the use of the website, to collate reports for PepperBets on website activity and produce other services associated with the use of the website and the internet. Google will also provide this information to third parties where required where legally provided for or where third parties process this data on behalf of Google. Under no circumstances will Google associate IP addresses with other Google data. The customer is able to prevent cookies from being installed by means of the corresponding browser software settings, however we must point out that in this event not all functions of this website will be available to their full extent. By using this website the customer states they agree to Google processing the captured data in the above form and manner and for the above-stated purpose.
    PepperBets reserves the right to use additional services to evaluate the use of this website.
  17. If a bet is declared as "void" (e.g. abandoned match), then this bet is evaluated with the odds of 1.0 "won". For individual bets, this means the customer receives an amount that corresponds to the stake. For a combination bet this means the total odds are adjusted accordingly and the combination bet can still be won if all other bets contained therein are also won. Any fees, for example on individual bets, are not refunded.
  18. If, during the period for accepting bets, information comes to light that could determine the outcome of the bet, then PepperBets will set a new deadline for bets or declare the bets as void.
  19. PepperBets accepts no liability for mistakes in input, transfer and/or evaluation. In particular, PepperBets reserves the right to correct obvious mistakes when entering betting odds and/or evaluating betting outcomes (e.g. typing errors, incorrect matches, obviously incorrect odds, incorrect handicap details or the number of goals for under/over betting given) - even after the result - or to declare the affected bet as void. PepperBets also provides no guarantee for the accuracy or completeness of information services made available or their being up to date, e.g. on lists of odds or live score. Only those bets confirmed and recorded by PepperBets are valid.
  20. PepperBets is entitled to subsequently correct wrongly calculated or booked winnings. The bet will then be calculated with the corrected odds and, in the event of a win, paid out with the corrected odds. Incorrectly credited winnings shall be repaid.
  21. PepperBets is entitled to waive individual rights under these general terms and conditions of business. The customer has no automatic entitlement to rights being waived in the future.
  22. Where individual regulations as set out above and below should be invalid, the betting contract remains in effect. Where individual provisions prove to invalid, the content of the betting contract replacing this provision is regulated by the legally allowed provisions that come closest to the invalid provisions.
  23. In these general terms and conditions, where applicable all references to the plural include the singular and vice versa, and all references to the male include female and vice versa. The headings contained herein are inserted for reference purposes only and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of any part of these general terms and conditions.

II. Winnings and determining winnings

  1. With fixed odds, winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the stake.
  2. All bets are decided provided the result stands and is evaluated. PepperBets only recognises results that take place during the event. Any amendments occurring after this time have no influence on the evaluation of the betting event. Bets already decided at the time of the event being abandoned (live bets, half-time bets, match interval bets, over/under betting, first goal etc.) do not depend on the time when the match is abandoned or continued when being evaluated. Where the betting event is abandoned after the end of normal time (e.g. during extra time/penalty shoot-out) then the result after normal time counts.
  3. Where a postponed, abandoned or cancelled sporting event is restarted or continued by the end of the following day, based on the original start time and original venue of the betting event, then the bet is valid for the newly restarted/continued betting event. The bet also remains valid if the event is repeated/continued or takes place at a neutral venue. Where the match is not restarted or continued, then it is declared as void. This does not apply to betting markets already decided when the event was interrupted (e.g. 1st goal, next goal, half-time bets, over/under betting).
    League games or games as part of a tournament, such as cup games, ended by the referee before the end of normal time, are assessed using the final result if the referee declares the match as valid on the final whistle and if the match is included in the official table and not subsequently replayed or continued.
  4. It applies to all sports bets that where a player in the starting line up who has been bet on does not take part for whatever reason, then the bet is lost if the result for which the starting player was listed occurs. However, where the whole betting event does not take place, then bets are declared as void.
    With "goal scoring" types of bets, the player who has been bet on must start the match, or be substituted in. Bets on players that don't participate in the match will be voided.
  5. Dead heats: Where two or more participants are declared the winners of an event, the odds are divided accordingly.
  6. For certain betting slips PepperBets offers the so called "buy-back" under certain circumstances. This offer is voluntary on the part of PepperBets, i.e. the customer is not automatically entitled to the offer of buying back a betting slip.
  7. Any attempt to enter secret agreements as part of betting activity or the intent, directly or indirectly, to participate in such agreements, is strictly forbidden. In the same way, the use of any tool such as (but not limited to) scripts, bots or spiders, is strictly forbidden.
  8. All transactions will be inspected for possible money laundering. Any suspicious activity on an account may lead to the customer being reported to the relevant authorities and the credit in the betting account being restrained. In the same way the betting account may be closed and the credit confiscated.

III. Payouts and winnings limits

  1. In sports betting there is a general limit on winnings/payouts of Naira 10,000,000 per customer per week.
  2. A limit on winnings of Naira 10,000,000 per bettting slip applies.
  3. In the event of suspicion of betting or race fixing, PepperBets reserves the right to block the payout for the affected race or sporting event until a racing tribunal or ordinary court of law has established that neither betting nor race fixing has taken place. Without judicial clarification, only the stake is returned in this event.
  4. Payment of winnings may be deferred by up to 30 days.

IV. Account Opening / Account

  1. The betting customer states by opening a betting/deposit account that he:

    a) has reached the age of 18;
    b) is not a restricted person with regard to business activity;
    c) does not deposit money that is the proceeds of criminal activity;
    d) is opening the account for personal use and has no commercial intentions;
    e) is the actual holder of the account and is not acting on behalf of someone else or for someone else’s benefit;
    f) has been made aware of PepperBets's current terms and conditions of business and accepts them expressly.
  2. When registering, the customer is obliged to provide correct information.
  3. Where an account is opened and managed in breach of the provisions set out in point IV.1, then PepperBets is entitled to confiscate all funds from said account.
  4. PepperBets manages all accounts under the strictest confidentiality.
  5. The customer shall send any questions regarding betting accounts by using the contact form on PepperBets's website.
  6. The usual currency is the Naira. 
  7. Betting accounts cannot be transferred or sold from one player to another. In the same way, money cannot be transferred from one betting account to another.
  8. Each customer may only hold one betting account. Customers already registered are prohibited from registering as a new customer by providing another name. In the event of this provision being breached, bets that have been placed may be subsequently cancelled and booked bets may be deleted. 
  9. Ambiguous Bets: PepperBets reserves the right to refuse to accept and to declare unclear bets as void.
  10. Organised Betting: Customers must place their bets as individuals. Where one or more customers have attempted to place the same bet on several occasions, then the bets may be cancelled. These rules can also be applied to bets that have already been assessed if PepperBets needs to assume that several customers are part of a betting association or the respective bets have been placed several times within a short period of time by one or more customers or the bets have been drawn up together. In this event, PepperBets reserves the right to retain the account balance.
  11. The betting customer is responsible for immediately reporting any amount that has been incorrectly credited to his account. All winnings arising from an error are void, regardless of the circumstances that gave rise to them.
  12. A bet is not regarded as confirmed until it is shown in the betting account under "my bets".
  13. PepperBets reserves the right to grant the customer a bonus when certain criteria are met. The criteria valid at the time the bet is placed apply, of which the customer is notified in the betting broker, on-line or by email. The granted bonus is credited automatically to the betting account.
  14. The customer himself is entitled to deactivate his betting account on a temporary or permanent basis. The corresponding settings can be made in the "Personal Details" section. Only PepperBets is able to re-open a betting account closed for reasons of addiction prevention.
  15. The customer himself is able to set limits for stakes and losses. The corresponding settings can be made in the "Personal Details" section. Reductions in limits will become active immediately; increases in limits will only become active following a delay of seven days.

V. Account withdrawals

  1. Withdrawal will be normally done in cash and in person; to speed up the process the customer can request the withdrawal on the website by generating a QR code for the payout which the agent will scan
  2. The customer can also potentially agree with his agent to receive a bank transfer for the payout; however, this is not facilitated via the website

VI. Placing bets on

  1. With every bet placed the betting customer acknowledges the validity and applicability of these betting provisions in their current version.
  2. In principle, a bet is only accepted if the betting customer's betting account is sufficiently covered.
  3. Where a bet is accepted despite insufficient coverage due to a technical fault, the bet is declared as void. PepperBets is not liable for damages.
  4. Bets are placed on-line at Bets may not be sent by post, fax, email or any other way. Bets received by PepperBets in this way are void, regardless of if they have won or lost.
  5. The bet is placed as soon as PepperBets has confirmed the bet electronically on-line (bet was accepted).
  6. The bet is void if, as a result of errors in transmission, the date or time when the bet was placed or necessary personal data of the betting customer are shown to be missing. The stake is returned.
  7. Bets accepted after the commencement of the betting event are also declared as void. This does not apply to live bets.
  8. The closure of acceptance of bets is set by PepperBets.
  9. The winnings are automatically credited to the betting account. In individual cases, crediting the profits may be deferred until the official race report is published.
  10. PepperBets's records are decisive with regard to the content of all bets. PepperBets shall present these records on request. The betting account may only be corrected if to rectify an obvious error or obvious error in typing or, if applicable, calculation.
  11. The customer undertakes to check the details of his bets for accuracy. Under certain circumstances PepperBets offers the possibility of cancelling certain betting slips. This offer is voluntary on the part of PepperBets, i.e. the customer is not automatically entitled to the offer of cancelling a betting slip. The claim may only be made on-line under "My Bets". Cancellation requests may not be made by email, post, fax, telephone or other methods of communication. In principle, live bets are cannot be cancelled.

VII. Account information

  1. Every online betting customer is entitled to request a report under "Account statement" in the form of a betting account statement. All betting transactions over different periods can be viewed and printed out via the PepperBets website by entering the user name and password.
  2. Claims regarding specific bookings can only be accepted within 30 days of the day the bet was booked/placed.

VIII. Betting information

  1. All betting information offered on the PepperBets website and other media is without warranty. In particular, start times and kick-offs may change without the knowledge of PepperBets or PepperBets may be notified incorrectly by third parties. Fixed winning odds and chances are subject to free supply and demand.
  2. Friendly matches will be settled based on the actual result when the game finishes irrespective whether the full 90minutes is played (excluding extra-time). An exception is applied to this rule in relation to friendly matches, where the scheduled playing time significantly differs (e.g.: 3x45mins, 1x45mins, 2x30mins). In this case bets are void and paid out at odds of 1.00.
  3. PepperBets accepts no warranty for information made available in any format on results, statistics, live scores etc.

IX. Placing of bets and specific rules for the shop operation

  1. The broker/agent has no authority to represent PepperBets and is not entitled to make or accept declarations of intent. In particular, the broker/agent can and may not undertake any changes to the odds for PepperBets. The broker/agent represents the customer and is also a receiving agent for him, both for declarations of intent and also payments with regard to the brokering of bets.
  2. All current odds are constantly updated on the website Start times shown in the lists of odds are only a guide. The actual start of the event is decisive.
  3. PepperBets reserves the right to demand surcharges on individual bets, types of bet, matches, lengths of combinations etc. No reason is needed for this. The amount of the surcharge is determined exclusively by PepperBets. Surcharges can be of varying amounts on different bets, types of bet etc. A notice in the shop gives information on any surcharges. Surcharges are shown on the betting slip.
  4. Several individuals may bet together. With betting associations, the member who places the bet is the contract partner with PepperBets. PepperBets reserves the right to request proof of identity in the event of doubt.
  5. Winnings are only paid out against return of the original betting slip.
  6. Placing bets

    a) The bet is placed if the bet requested by a customer is confirmed or accepted electronically on-line by PepperBets. Requests for bets may not be sent by post, fax or email to PepperBets. Requests for bets or bets received by PepperBets in this way will be implied as not accepted.

    b) The betting customer undertakes to check his bet before issuing the betting request. Subsequent claims cannot be considered. The bet is void if, as a result of errors in transmission, the date or time when the bet was placed are shown to be missing. The stake is returned.

    c) PepperBets reserves the right to agree varying amounts with individual brokers/agents.

    d) If the original betting slip or betting broker confirmation has been amended, added to or manipulated in any way, the customer is excluded from claiming winnings. The stake is not repaid.
    e) Claims from customers regarding specific bookings can only be accepted within 30 days of the day the bet was booked/placed.

X. General Betting Rules

  1. There are specific betting rules for specific types of sport and betting markets. The customer shall observe these betting rules first as they take precedence over the general betting rules.
  2. Sports bets can be placed as individual bets, combination bets (accumulated bets) or system bets. For some type of sport and/or event/activity, the individual bet may not be accepted. Information with regard to this can be found in the respective lists of odds (e.g. "min. 3 games"). In general, the betting on different betting markets for one sporting event in a combination bet (e.g. Real Madrid to win and a 2-0 result) is prohibited.
  3. With all types of sport, the result after normal time applies. Any extra time or penalty shoot-out has no influence when evaluating the winnings. Any exceptions to this will be made known either for the betting market itself or in specific rules for the type of sport.
  4. Long-term bets

    a) In general, long-term bets are offered for the outcome of a large event (tournament). In this way, bets can be offered on the following questions:
       (i)   Who will win the football World Cup?
       (ii)  Who will win the Wimbledon tennis championship?
       (iii) Who will be relegated in the German Bundesliga?

    b) Long-term bets are evaluated regardless if all participants are listed or compete. All stakes on long-term bets are lost if the participant / team bet on does not take part or withdraws.

    c) The actual result is based on the last game/event (e.g. final match or last day of play) at 24:00 (local time at the venue). Any amendments to the result occurring after this time - for whatever reason - have no influence on the evaluation of the betting event.

    d) If two or more participants share a specific final position, the price/odds is divided by the number of participants sharing the position.
  5. Live betting

    a) Live bets are identified as such by the suffix "Live", "TOP" or "HT". These bets are also open exclusively for betting after the start of the event. The odds are constantly adjusted to the run of the game. As they are so up to date, live betting odds are only shown on special screen solutions or on-line. Bets identified as "HT" are only offered during half-time.

    b) Once a live bet has been accepted by PepperBets it can no longer be cancelled.

    c) In the event of delayed data transmission and/or TV reporting with live bets and a resulting serious change to the run of the game that was not reflected in the odds, PepperBets reserves the right to regard the placed bets as void.

    d) If it is clear that a customer is attempting to gain unfair financial advantage by exploiting any delays, PepperBets reserves the right to close the account and retain the account balance.

    e) With every live bet the current result / interim result is given. The result bet on is void if the given interim result is significantly incorrect.

    f) The same rules as in sports with these betting regulation apply to live bet sports.

XI. Betting markets

PepperBets offers a wide range of betting markets for sports events that are constantly displayed in their current form on the website In general, several betting markets cannot be combined together for one event at the same time.

XII. Sports

There is a specific betting product and evaluation criteria for each sport. Below is a list of the most popular and most offered sports. PepperBets will also offer odds for other sports (e.g. boxing) according to the sporting product and calendar. The general betting rules apply to non-listed sports.
  1. Football / Soccer
    All betting possibilities offered for football matches refer to the result after normal time unless another form of evaluation is expressly referred to. The term "normal time" shall be understood as the 90-minute period of play or, if applicable, the length of the game including stoppage time added by the referee but not for any added extra time or penalty shoot-out. Where a match takes place at a neutral ground, the team listed on the left is taken as the home team and the one on the right as the away team.
  2. Ice Hockey
    All betting possibilities offered for ice hockey refer to the result after normal time unless another form of evaluation is expressly referred to. The term "normal playing time" shall be understood as the 60-minute period of play or, if applicable, the length of the game including stoppage time added by the referee but not for any added extra time or penalties.
  3. American Sports (NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB)
    All betting possibilities offered in the above leagues refer to the result after playing time including possible overtime unless another form of evaluation is expressly referred to. Excluded from these rules are games in the American Soccer League (MLS) and the National Hockey League (NHL) which are evaluated after normal time.
  4. Tennis
    No bets are valid until the first ball has been played. If one of the players withdraws after at least one ball has been played at the earliest and the game is abandoned (injury, surrender, disqualification) then the result of the bet is declared void. This does not apply to betting markets previously offered as a live bet and already evaluated (e.g. set won, game won, over/under betting). Where a game is halted or postponed, the bets as part of the tournament remain until the games are settled. With games that do not take place as part of a tournament, the match is declared void unless it is replayed or repeated by the end of the following day.
  5. Basketball
    All betting possibilities offered for basketball refer to the result after playing time including any possible extra time. Under certain circumstances, PepperBets offers odds on a draw (X) for the bet. In this case the result after normal time applies.

XIII. Data protection guidelines

  1. The betting customer states that they understand that their personal data taken by PepperBets when placing the bet is stored and processed as part of normal betting operations.
  2. PepperBets shall only process the customer's personal data for those purposes for which it was collected, namely for offering the customer an online betting service.
  3. PepperBets shall not pass on customer data to third parties unless this is required by law or court procedures. PepperBets reserves the right to disclose customer data if publishing appears to be necessary in the public interest.
  4. The customer is entitled to free access to their data as well as to amend it. Complete deletion of the data is not possible.
  5. The customer is entitled to unsubscribe from marketing information. A message to PepperBets's support department will suffice for this. The customer is also able to activate and deactivate the receipt of marketing information in their account settings.

XIV. Complaints

PepperBets makes every effort to make using as pleasant as possible. However, it may happen that a customer is unsatisfied with the service offered. In such a case the customer is entitled to contact PepperBets's support department. In general, the complaint will be processed within 48 hours and if applicable forwarded to the management.
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