Betting glossary

On you will find a wide selection of different types of bets.Among them certainly those that are not likely to be known to all friends of sports betting, but in terms of excitement are in no way inferior to the most popular bet types.
So you might have already found some very attractive odds while rummaging through our betting offer, but in the end were not quite sure to place an appropriate bet, because you are not familiar with all the bet types. Below we offer you a short description of all bets offered by PepperBets. Explanations of other common terms from the fascinating world of sports betting complete our glossary.
Should you miss a term, an explanation or have any other question about the glossary, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support. Our professional staff will be glad to help you.

Asian Handicap

When betting with so-called Asian Handicap, the possibility of a draw between two teams is eliminated from the very beginning. So the outsider of the game receives (usually) a fictitious lead of, for example, 0,25, 0,5 or 0,75 goals. At the same time the favorite starts the game with the same handicap and has to catch up with the fictitious backlog during the game.
The great advantage of an Asian Handicap betting is that the chances of winning, which by regular 3 -way bets (1-2-X) are about 33%, here rise up to 50%, because the possibility of a draw between two teams is excluded from the very beginning. In addition, with high Asian handicaps you can also win a bet on the loser of the game.


A team or player chosen as a Banker has to win and will be included in all combinations – all Banker selections in your bet must win otherwise all combinations of the bet will lose.

Betting account

Your betting account at PepperBets, to which you deposit money in order to be able to place bets, and from which you can withdraw your winnings.

Betting balance

Money which is located on your betting account, and which you can use for placing bets on sporting event.

Bookie (s)

Those employees, who set the odds for the bets offered by PepperBets.

Combination bet(s)

Multiple/combination bet is about placing a bet on at least two different games or betting events – even from different sports. With multiple bets considerable gains can be retracted, but they also involve a greater risk, because forthe multiple bet to win all its games and betting events must be won.
The potential gains from the combination bet result from the multiplication of the stake with the multiplied odds from the chosen games or events, for example: 1000 Naira stake for a victory of the team A with odds of 1,5, a draw between team B and team C with odds if 2,0, a victory of team D with odds of 3. The potential winnings will be calculated as following: 10x1,5x2x3. If you correctly tipped on all the games, the gain in our example would amount to 90 Euro.

Correct score betting

With this bet type one places a bet on the exact result of the event, for example, 2 : 1 by a football game. This bet involves a high risk, but at the same time very attractive odds, and if successful, high profits.
Please note that correct score betting usually refers to the result provided at the end of regular time without any prorogations or penalties. However, the extra time counts for regular time.


Double- or double bet; a combination bet on 2 games; Both games must be guessed correctly in order for the bet to win.

Double Chance

This type of bet covers two possible outcomes of the game in one bet. So for example, you bet on that the team either wins or at least achieves a draw. The chances of winning such a bet are relatively high, however the odds are relatively low.

First Goalscorer

Bet on the player, who will score the first valid goal during the game.

Goal betting

Bets in connections with scored goals during the game. Can be referred to the total amount of goals scored during the whole game or also during specified periods of the game. At PeppeBet it is always explicitly stated which goals are meant.

Halftime/Fulltime betting

With this type of bet one initially places a bet on what the score will be at the halftime of the game, and subsequently how the game ends. It can also be bet on team 1 or 2, as well as a draw (indicated as X).
The possible variations are always shown through the following string: '/', the character on the left side of / corresponds to the halftime score; the character on the right side of / corresponds to the final score.

Handicap betting

With this type of bet one team (usually an outsider)starts the game with a fictitious lead of one or more goals. The fictitious goals will be added to the actual result at the end of the game. The bet profit is therefore determined not by the actual end result of the game, but the actual end result plus the predetermined by the handicap fictitious goals.
Handicap betting is particularly interesting when a major favorite meets a hopelessly unsuccessful outsider. For example, should a hopeless outsider compete with a championship leader, the handicap of 0: 2 will be given, where an outsider starts the game with a fictitious lead of 2 goals.A bet on a draw is won when a leader wins exactly with 2 goals difference. A bet on a victory of an outsider is also won when the leader wins only with one goal ahead, or the game ends in a draw. Only when a leader wins with more than two goals ahead, the handicap bet on the leader is considered as won.

Head-to-Head betting

This type of betting is suitable for motorsport, skiing or horse races. Specifically the bet is placed on which participant of races or sports event will get a better place in the end. The term Head – 2–Head is also used in the comparative statistics between teams or players.

Live bets

Live bets are the ones that can be placed after the beginning of the sporting event. This of course goes along with the odds being constantly updated. At PepperBets many live bets can be placed as a combination bet, however a combination of „normal“ bets and live bets is not possible.
Live betting has become more popular in the recent years. PepperBets therefore continuously expanding its live bets offer in order to provide its customers with even greater excitement.

Long-term bets

With a long-term betting you can place a bet on events, which results will not be known during one day, but in a longer period of time; for example, bets on the championship title, Championship League Winner, Top scorer, Formula 1 World champion, Ski World Cup or the winner of the US-Open.


A very popular type of bet.It’s about how many goals or points will be scored during the betting event. If in a football game, for example, more than 2.5 goals will be scored, then Over is used, when less than 2.5 goals – the Under is used.
How these Over/Under bets are presented at PepperBets? Over/Under (3.5) with odds of 2,4 and 1,8 by the game between team A and team B means that if at least 4 goals will be scored, you get the odd of 2,4. Should maximum 3 goals be scored in the same game, you get the odd of 1,8.


Odds mean relative winnings, which can be obtained at PepperBets through a successful bet.
So at PepperBets we try to estimate the possible outcome of the sporting event, like for example, result of the game between team A and team B, and to express it in relative odds. Therefore the customer, who places the bet, knows in advance what his profit will be in relations to the amount wagered.
The (betting) odds are presented at PepperBets as following: Team A – Team B, 1: 1,7 x 3,40 2:2,8; that means that in case Team A wins, the stake will be multiplied by 1,7, in case of a draw the stake will be multiplied by 3,40, and in case Team B wins, the stake will be multiplied by 2,80.

Place bet

By various races, as for example, motor.-, winter – or even horse races, besides betting on the winner, at PepperBets you can also place a bet on which driver or pilot, or horse will get 1-3 places.

Score bets

Another term for correct score betting; also placed on the correct score result (in goals or points) of the sporting event.

Single bet

With a single bet you can only bet on one result of the sports event. Possible tips are 1 for the victory of the home team, X or 0 for a draw, or 2 for the victory of the away team. In individual sports such bet can be placed on a winner of an event.
The gain from such a bet is always derived as follows: the stake multiplied by the offered odds, for example: by the football game you bet on the team A to be a winner. If the team A will actually win, with odds of 1,8 and stake of 1000 Naira, you will get 1800 Naira.

Special bets

In general referred to bets, which not necessarily belong to regular bets or bet types, but are also not everyday bets on social or political events. These bets are sometimes offered at PepperBets for special occasions.

Spread betting

Spreads or spread bets are offered at PepperBets mostly by North American sports, such as American football, baseball, basketball or hockey, and have certain similarity to handicap bets. By spreads teams get a fictitious lead or residue, which will be added or subtracted from the actual end result.
For example, a basketball team B competes with basketball team A: at PepperBets team B gets 8 points lead, at the same time team A will be imposed with 8 points handicap.
If the game ends with victory of team A with 100:93, then your bet wins, if you placed it on the victory of team B (because you add 8 points to 93 scored ones!)


refers to the amount, which is placed as a bet.

System bets

With System bets, which is an available betslip type, you have the chance to place several combinations of bets on different teams in the same betslip. From a chosen number of teams, you can bet on each team to win individually in separate bets, all combinations of 2 teams winning, 3 teams winning and so on.
The below are the System bets available and how they work with 4 teams added to the betslip;
1 x Combin. (4 bets) – 4 separate bets on each team to win
2 x Combin. (6 bets) – Combinations of any 2 teams from the 4 to win, this is 6 bets in total due to 6 possible 2 team combinations
3 x Combin. (4 bets) - Combinations of any 3 teams from the 4 to win, this is 4 bets in total due to 4 possible 3 team combinations
4 x Combin. (1 bet) – 1 bet on all 4 teams in the betslip to win
Depending on the number of teams you choose, the number of combination types available will change. The number of bets for each combination are displayed on the betslip, and you simply multiply the relevant options by your stake to calculate your total stake for all bets you want to place.
System bets can be a complicated type of betting, and it is recommended to only be used should the concept be fully understood before attempting to place these types of bets.

System Bets with Bankers

An additional option is available when placing system bets, these are known as Bankers. A Banker selection must win otherwise the entire bet loses. To make a team/player a Banker, you must click the ‘B’ on the betslip to left of the participant’s name; when the ‘B’ is black fill with white text, this selection is a chosen Banker.
The Banker is included within all combinations of bets, which is why the entire bet loses if the Banker(s) are not successful. The number of combination bets available changes when you add one or more teams as a Banker, due to them being included in every possible combination.
With 5 teams on the betslip, a normal system bet gives 4 bet types based on the different combinations of 1/2/3/4 teams.
With Bankers chosen, the system bet types available change to suit both Bankers being in every bet type. The combination bets available when 2 bankers are chosen from 5 teams on the slip is below as an example;
2 x Combin. (1 bet) – 1 Combi on the 2 Bankers to win
3 x Combin. (3 bets) – Combis of the 2 Bankers to win with any 1 of the other 3 teams to win (3 team combis)
4 x Combin (4 bets) – Combis of the 2 Bankers to win with any 2 of the other 3 teams to win (4 team combis)
5 x Combin. (1 bet) – Combi for all selected teams to win, including Bankers; this is the same as a normal system bet for all teams to win.
For more teams added to the betslip and more Bankers chosen, the combination bet types available will change to match.
Once the Bankers are selected and the bet type chosen, the calculation of winnings and the settlement of the bet is the same as a normal system bet, remembering that any Banker selection(s) have to win or the bet will lose.


The outsider, who goes into event with a low possibility of victory but with very attractive odds.

Win bet

A bet on the victory of a team in a game or on a single sportsman in a race.


or sometimes also 0, a draw between two teams by 3 way bets.


A draw between two teams by 3 way bets; also see X.


By bets on the victory of the home team, respectively the first listed team or player.


By bets on the victory of the away team, respectively the second listed team or player.

2 Way bet

A bet with only two possible outcomes, for example in tennis, where either player A or player B wins, and a draw is not possible.

3 Way bet

Bet with three possible results. Mostly by team sports, especially in football, when either team A or team B wins, or the game ends in a draw.
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